The Team:

Thomas Weber

Kevin Augello

Milan Collin

Harry Kikstra

We will climb with a group of 6 persons as part of the larger Everest team, which includes Noel Hanna, Lorenzo Gariano, Alex Abramov and many others:
  • Thomas Weber, 41 years old. He has an eye disease which causes loss of vision leading to temporary blindness when at altitude.
  • Kevin Augello: Climbing cameraman, who will document the expedition together with Milan and will climb to 7060m.
  • Milan Collin: Climbing cameraman, who will document the expedition together with Kevin and will climb to 7060m.
  • Harry Kikstra: Expedition Leader & photographer. He will guide Thomas as high as possible
  • The last 2 persons are likely the most important ones on the team: 2 High Altitude Sherpas:

The Sherpas are living in the highlands of Nepal and incredibly strong and experienced climbers. We do not know yet who will be our Sherpas, else we would have named them here. That decision will be made closer to the summit attempt as we need to see who is fit enough to execute the enormous task of supporting Thomas and Harry to the summit.

The expedition has hired about 20 strong Sherpas from the Makalu region. The Sherpas fix the ropes, make camps and are the most important sucessfactor for the climbers. Without them, few would ever summit Everest. Even so-called 'Solo' climbers often have a Sherpa at their side, or at least use the ropes which have been fixed by them.