The Team: Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

Kevin Augello

Milan Collin

Harry Kikstra

Team role

Climber to summit & subject of Documentary!

NB: Thomas died during the descent of Mt Everest, 25th May, around 12.00 (noon). A full report of the climb and the tragic ending can be found here on the blog. Rest in peace, Thomas.

Looks like


Born in Stuttgart, Germany. I am currently based in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).

My first interest in hiking and climbing began when I was 10 years old in the Alps. As you will see below, I have since progressed to slightly higher altitudes and mountains!

I like outdoor pursuits that combine the fresh air, nature and ecology.

I am very active in a number of social and charity projects worldwide, for example Africa, and particularly related to underprivileged countries and people/children. My charitable efforts aim to provide children with a solid education as well as help communities with basic infrastructure.

For the last couple of years I have been suffering from an eye disorder that manifests itself at high altitude. As I climb higher my eyesight deteriorates, leading gradually to temporary blindness while at high altitude.

For training in Abu Dhabi, I have been climbing the highest sand dunes! :-)

Climbing Experience

I have been climbing in the Pamir Mountains, South America, Africa, the Himalayas, Antarctica and Europe.

In the Quest for the 7 summits, I have climbed 4 (of the 7) – Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Denali.

I have also climbed the 5 “Snow Leopard” peaks in the Pamir Mountains

Favorite place in the world

Antarctica – an astonishing place!

Best day of

climbing ever?

There is not one best day, I have enjoyed many exciting and exhilarating climbs worldwide.

Joining my first international expedition was very memorable


A successful climb, great team spirit, an expedition that encourages people who suffer from various impediments that they too can do things like this with a positive attitude to challenges.

Also, that this climb will help and encourage people to support and donate to the charity projects we are helping as a result of this climb, in particular the Himalayan Cataract project.

What should be the audience's reaction after seeing the documentary?

A mix of awe and the desire to help the charities, to experience the ups and downs of an international climbing expedition, the team spirit, the determination of the climbers to push themselves to the limit physically, spiritually and mentally as well as the respect and appreciation of everyone to Everest, the people and culture.

Anything you

want to share?

Be truthful to yourself and the truth will prevail
Believe in yourself, take up the challenge and everything is possible.