The Team: Kevin Augello

Thomas Weber

Kevin Augello

Milan Collin

Harry Kikstra

Team role

Filmmaker, producer, climber to North Col (7000m).

Looks like


I was born in London, but now I live in the Netherlands. After studying film, media and television. I went on to studying camera operation and producing at the National film and television school in the UK. I am a proud member of the Guild of Television cameramen… and will be honoured to be writing a feature article of the Guilds magazine ‘Zerb’ on filming this amazing project.

I am a qualified geologist and mountain leader [mltb], which ties in nicely
With my production company: with ethical film making within the following genres… Travel, adventure, exploration and the natural world.

I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Bali, Turkey, Australia, Greenland, Iceland and Nepal. He has also spent a season on the ice in Antarctica, which was really cool… literally

I am a keen photographer and a passionate environmentalist. Have also run [plodded] two London marathons 04.13 hrs…

Climbing Experience

For the past 16 years I have been heading toward the hills, mostly in the amazing Scottish highlands, especially in winter.

I however, love the extra thrill of travelling to the greater ranges… I have climbed on Mt Elbrus and Mt Blanc, have trekked in Antarctica which was amazing, but the hardest thing I have ever done was a month long unsupported Trans crossing from the South to the North of Iceland. It was about 275 kms and included some 85 km on Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, boy was I tied, but really enjoyed it !

Favorite place in the world

Hmm… Each place has its different attractions and whom you meet there…But as a Western country I love N.Z especially Sth Island, apart from that Nepal has to be there at the top for me. Its geology, its nature and its people leave a lasting impression on the soul.

Best day of

filming ever?

Hmm a very hard question…but this memory stays with me above all others:

I was lying on my belly, tied to a 100m height sea stack in a North Atlantic gale filming puffins !

This was an amazing day as started with a dawn helicopter ride. I was winched off to this stack as part of a documentary film about the Faeroe Islands. I was anchored on to the granite stack with salt spray lashing me and my camera for about six hours, then as I could see my ride back approaching on the horizon a puffin landed 30cm from my lens !


If I can capture and tell this story, so that it will motive people’s spirit of adventure and drive them to climb their own Everest, then we have succeeded as filmmakers.

What should be the audience's reaction after seeing the documentary?


And leave a lasting impression on their mind… and reach for their pockets and support the cause. 

Anything you

want to share?

 Yes… I have belief and it’s one that I really do feel passionate about…

Respect, tolerance and understanding breeds only more respect, tolerance and understanding…Fear, ignorance and hatred only breeds …War!