The Team: Milan Collin

Thomas Weber

Kevin Augello

Milan Collin

Harry Kikstra

Team role

Filmmaker, producer, climber to North Col (7000m).

Looks like


Born in Venlo, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. After moving to Amsterdam (1996), I started studying, to become a documentary cameramen. While I was in my last year I reacted on a job as a nature filmmaker and spend the last 5 year doing this on the most beautiful spots. From a young age I was always interested in working for good projects. So I did a lot of work for Greenpeace and in the last years also the filming projects for the Music Mayday Foundation, in Africa. Since 2 years, Iím focusing myself more and more on mountaineering and specially the filming part of it.

As you can believe, this project is really the perfect thing for me, to combine my filming passion with the charity-character of it.

Since 2005 co/owner of deepeei (dutch picture industry)

Climbing Experience

My climbing experience started in 2003 where we did the Monta Rosa trek. After this experience it was pretty clear for me that I would continue in these amazing surroundings. Then in 2004 i did some course for walking in high alpine areas and in december 2004 I climbed to high camp on Kilimanjaro, after filming for 2 weeks in Tanzania. Then in 2005 I went for a trek to the Vogezen and later on the Alps (French side). In september I did a C1 ice and rocks course in Austria for 10 days. In between i did a few weekend treks in the arden or just in Holland (Utrechtse heuvelrug)). That's it Folks.

Favorite place in the world

My favourite place in the world is in Wallis (CH). This place is so different from the rest of the world because the mountains are so wild and tight to eachother. It looks like you're walking in a big scrambled egg

Best day of

filming ever?

My best day of filming was on a Dutch island (Schiermonnikoog). We had the oppertunity to sit and wait on the end of the island. When the water was coming up all the birds where moving towards our side. So we had beautiful big clouds off birds, doing their ballet, by flying all together, in our lens to capture.


What I expect from this project, that it will be by so far the hardest thing i ever did in my life. The combination of filming at that altitude is new for me, but I'm sure I will love it. For the project itself, I always have a good feeling in doing things I'm totally supporting. If we could only help one person in seeing again, it already would make it worth for me.

What should be the audience's reaction after seeing the documentary?

First of all, I hope that they will see a difference in the way of filming a expedition professionally instead of the images you mostly will see from climbers, wich will leave a more intense memory of the area. Then of course, I would be very pleased if people will be touched by the emotions they gonna see, by climbing this mountain and all the struggling will we have there. Especially the climb for Thomas will be very hard as he is losing his sight on the mountain, we have to capture this in a very aestetic way. Was that your question :-)?

Anything you

want to share?

I hope that people will understand the urge of raising money for these projects. Just for a small amount of money, you can help people to see again or to live a healthier life, without inhaling all the deadly fumes. So help them out..