The Team: Harry Kikstra

Thomas Weber

Kevin Augello

Milan Collin

Harry Kikstra

Team role

Guide, expedition leader, climber, photographer, filmer & executive producer.

Looks like


I am the founder, owner and managing Director of, the company and website. Born in 1970 in the Netherlands, I now live in Amsterdam. Since gaining a Master's degree in business management, I have combined commercial work with an adventurous life that takes me all over the world. I created my company and popular website in 1999 when I became a full-time adventurer, organiser and leader of expeditions, including some TV productions.

- Worked for innovative Internet startups DigiCash & eCash technologies
- Ex eCommerce-consultant for Origin
- Field Producer of Adventure TV series PlanetRace (series 2002 & 2003)
- Creative producer of interactive multichannel concept The Blackbeard connection, including website, game and movie production. (2005)
- Use to play bass guitar in a band, on a self-made bass
- Author of pocket summit guide book for Aconcagua (2005) & Denali (2006)
- Photographer, writer of books and articles and lecturer

Climbing Experience

Climbing & adventure bio:

I love to travel, and enjoy climbing and photographing mountains and people everywhere. I am the 3rd Dutchman to have climbed the 7 summits, see statistics here. Other adventures include:

- Climbed Ojos de Salados, Rwenzori mountains (Uganda), Chogolisa (Pakistan, no summit), Mt Blanc (3 different routes) as well as smaller mountains all over the world.
- Cycled with Romke Jonker on a tandem bike from Amsterdam to Zermatt, climbed Punta Gnifetti afterwards (4500m)
- Cycled Amstel Gold race and Liege Bastogne Liege few times both.
- Climbed waterfalls, ice, rock and other steep stuff in Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Thailand and many other places.
- Guided on Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Denali, Aconcagua, Everest & Vinson.
- Co-expedition leader with friend Alex Abramov on Vinson & Everest ( expeditions)

Favorite place in the world

Each one of the 7 summits has its own charm and it is difficult to choose. But maybe Antarctica was the most impressive: the sunlight, the endless mass of ice with beautiful mountains. A real wilderness. Rwenzori (Uganda) was really great, what a beautiful place. But Nepal is nice as well. And Morocco. And Australia. And Alaska. And Patagonia. And Pakistan.... and .. and.....

Best day of

climbing ever?

The first time on Mt Blanc was great, my first real mountain with good friends. Rwenzori was amazing every day. And nothing beats the 17k Ridge on Denali, the sunrise from Kilimanjaro or the climb to North Col on Everest or the location spotting on Thailand's Krabi Island. Ahh, too many good memories, mostly wonderful because of good company.


Spending more time in this wonderful place with more wonderful people. It will be a real challenge to help Thomas get to the summit, it will take a lot of good as well as bad times. But if you do not set your goals high, you will never reach them. I expect a great adventure (somehow I seem to attract that :-) with great friends

What should be the audience's reaction after seeing the documentary?

They should be moved by the force of the human spirit. The difference between reachable and unreachable goals is only perception, mostly from others. They should understand a little bit more about the world. They should realize that for the price of one dinner someone in Nepal can see again. They should understand that there are many beautiful places on earth and that we should take care of them and the people living there. They should also see that we have created a great work of art by documenting this historic expedition.

Anything you

want to share?

See the world with your own eyes if you have that ability. It is beautiful and you only live once to discover it.

Harry is proudly sponsored by The North Face gear and clothing, Suunto wristop computers & Millet Expedition boots